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Twelve Module Business Advisor Programme

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The Quantum Leap Program is designed to help you create measurable improvements in three areas of your cleaning business:

  1. Your Revenue
  2. Your Profit
  3. Your Time Stress

The basic premise is that small improvements in key areas of your business can multiply together to create a significant and worthwhile outcome for you. Once you complete the Quantum Leap 12 Month or 12 Weeks Program with our professional guidance and experience in the cleaning sector, you will be able to repeat it again and again in your cleaning business and with your team. This way, you can absolutely have your best year ever in your cleaning business.

The program covers both “Growth” strategies and “Underpinning” strategies. To put it simply, you want both solid foundations and high ceilings, not just a house of cards. With that in mind, the 12 Strategy Sessions include:

 Your Action Plan. Wrong Goals, Unclear Focus, No Action Plan and Mental Barriers are key reasons for procrastination and poor results. Here, you will set some realistic goals for the next 90 days. From there, you will examine in detail the revenue and profit drivers that will get you there and finally, you’ll sequence out the action plan to follow day by day.

This session will also cover some powerful personal leadership principle and how you can use your mind to shape your future. This will be a ground breaking session for you.

Your Positioning. Crystal clarity and laser focus is a must when it comes to crafting winning marketing and sales strategies. In this session, you determine your ideal target market, you articulate your company’s position in the market, and finish off with an incisive marketing message and product/service offering.

These are three of the most important strategic marketing elements you can design for your business.

Team Engagement and Performance. When it comes to improving your business, you don’t want to be the only one pulling on the rope. You need to galvanise the minds of your entire organisation around the overall vision for your company. In fact, if your team is not fully engaged in your improvement agenda, it is unlikely that any real progress will be made. This session looks at leadership, effective delegation, the fine art of assertive communication, team communication and team accountability, reward systems, INSPIRATION, and recruitment.

Generating More Enquiries. There is a proliferation of promotional and marketing options in today’s marketplace. These options are often shrouded in “techno babble” from people with little real world experience. This session looks at the principles and strategies which are reliable and have stood the test of time. These include the formula for writing compelling headlines, powerful promotional copy, generating referrals, direct targeting, two-step marketing and more.

Setting Yourself Apart From The Competitive Pack. In today’s online information-overload world, the prospect is pushing you out of the front end of the sales process. They prefer instead to do so-called “research” online before engaging with a potential supplier directly. This session will teach you how to be front-and-centre in your prospect’s research phase so that you are the natural choice – i.e., you can become the “go to business” in your niche.

Converting More Enquiries Into Sales. Conversion is where the ‘rubber meets the road’. There are multiple steps to converting a sale… fail at any step and the sale is lost or in the least, the sales process can be inefficient resulting in lower conversions. This also means that there are a number of ways that you can improve your conversion rates. This session will help you discover small but important tweaks in your sales process that can improve sales. Best of all, this session explains what Quotes encourage price shoppers and how to develop powerful action plans that encourage A-Grade customers.

The Consultative Selling Process. Conversion strategies are so important that there is a second session dedicated to the art of selling. Now let’s face it, nobody desires to be a “pushy salesperson”. Instead, this session teaches you how to use your expertise to accurately and fully determine the client’s needs and the primary reason for buying and to secure the business. Additionally, this session shows you how to understand the different personalities that you are selling to and how to make the best of each situation.

Increasing Your Customers’ Spend. Increasing your number of customers is one thing, but increasing the spend of each customer is a highly leveraged way to improve your profits. This session builds on the consultative selling process and looks at a number of ways you can increase how much your customers spend when they buy from you.

Increasing Your Customers’ Repeat Purchase. Just think if 50% of your customers bought from you one more time in the year. What would that do to your profits? Systematically encouraging repeat purchase is often neglected by businesses. In this session, you’ll learn why a “one-size-fits-all” approach to your customer database is a waste. Instead, you will learn how you can systemise a tailored approach to generating repeat purchase. This includes segmented and tailored database communication (various types) that CAN fit your budget, and strategic approach to customer account management and more.

Increasing Your Margins. Even small increases in your profit margins can result in much more profit in your pocket. This session looks at the handful of business strategies that directly contribute to profit margin growth. This session also takes a “warts and all” look at pricing.

Cash Flow. Once you start increasing sales, you may well feel a cash flow squeeze. This is because most businesses have to spend money to make the sale before they receive the money from the sale. Setting in place cash flow maximising strategies early can help you better survive the ‘growing pains’.

Your Business Systems. Making sure that your growth and profit strategies can be repeated in a dependable manner is important. Further to this, if you can streamline (even automate) certain tasks, you can increase your capacity to service customers and generate more revenue without increasing costs.  Stay a little longer after this session as we will have a celebration of our successes at the end.

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